Incarceron by Katherine Fisher-A Review

IncarceronWhat I'm Currently Reading by Cindy

A teen boy, Finn, wants nothing more than to escape his home, Incarceron. Incarceron, a prison of sorts, was created as a place of refuge and rehabilitation for the "evils" of society. It was created by the Sapiente, a group of powerful men, to help create the perfect world inside it and outside it.

However, Incarceron fails. The artificial intelligence that runs it, takes over and creates a cruel and inhuman experience for the people inside it. Even the warden, who lives outside Incarceron has no control over it.

Outside Incarceron, now free of the poor, the needy, the sick and the criminals, the King institutes Protocol-a way of living with specific rules that never change. This causes time to "stop". Many do not like Protocol and want to abandon it. The citizens are told that Incarceron is a paradise. Even the Warden's daughter, Claudia, believes it, until she discovers Finn through an electronic device.

Claudia sets out to defy her father and society to free not only Finn, but others. At the same time, men plot against the society, hoping to overthrow the queen and free "time" once again.

I liked this book. The mysterious world Catherine Fischer created is mind-boggling and the characters are bold and interesting. This book engaged me and made me think.

You should read this book if you like books about the future and the unexpected. Disappear into a world that challenges even the strongest.