Story Engineering by Larry Brooks:Structure

Larry defines structure as the sequence of scenes that result in a story. It can be learned, practiced and implemented. It is a subset to Architecture.

He defines Architecture as the art of the story. It can also be studied and practiced but it is far harder to implement. It sets your story apart from all the rest.

He sets forth a story model of the 4 basic parts of structure.

We are learning about the first part today.

The first part is the Set Up. It is the first 20-25% of your book. So, if your story is 300-400 pages, it is the first 50-100 pages.

It contains the hook and foreshadows the antagonistic force of the story.
         Ex: Someone is being followed but the main character is not aware

It also sets up the stakes of the story. It makes the reader care about what happens next.The quest is launched and we know what the obstacles are. The hero now needs to accomplish or achieve something.
         Ex: What the hero has to lose-family, fortune, self, purpose in life

The mission of this first part is to set up the plot by creating stakes, backstory, character, empathy and foreshadowing the upcoming conflict.
              At its barest bones, it introduces the hero and shows what the hero has going for his life. It brings the character to the transition point through a series of scenes

The more the reader cares-the more effective the story

At the end of part one-plot comes into play. We reach the first plot point.
      After the inciting incident we need to find the meaning behind it.
      Ex: the  inciting incident in Thelma and Louise is when they shoot someone.

The meaning does not come into play until they make the decision to run.
      This is the First Plot Point.  The story really starts here. This first plot point defines the goal of the hero, it introduces and clarifies the obstacles and the stakes, also. 

Look at your first 100 pages. Have you including an inciting incident and a first plot point?

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