School Visits

Do you want to get your students excited about reading and writing?

Plan an author day!

Cindy loves visiting schools and talking to students. It’s one of her favorite things to do. Learn more with Cindy M. Hogan's 2014 / 2015 Author Visit Letter.


• Assemblies: Students and teachers will enjoy a 45 minute presentation on 1.) How to find their own path 2.) how to discover and develop their own superpowers (talents) and learn to respect the powers of others. Older elementary 4th -6th grades, Junior High, and High School versions available.

• Short Story Workshop: this 50 minute entertaining and informative, hands-on workshop will take your students through the steps of writing their own short story so that they will have a completed outline for their own short story.

• Plot workshops: Students will understand what elements make up a plot and create one of their own. Hands-on

• Becoming a writer (for older students and adults interested in writing): Learn the steps to go from a beginning writer to one that has books ready to be published. Hands-on

• Suspense vs. mystery workshop: This 50 minute interactive workshop helps students discover the difference between suspense and mystery novels while outlining their own story

• Contact Cindy to make your own workshop for the students. Cindy loves to talk about how she became a writer!

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