Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys- A Review

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15 year old Lina is living a life she loves when the Soviet secret police come and take her, her mother and brother away from their home in Lithuania. Her father has already been taken. Delivered by cattle car to Siberia, life is suddenly very gloomy and precarious at best. The work camp threatens to destroy them. Lina fights back with her only weapen: her ability to draw, documenting their experience to the minutest detail. 
This book is riveting. I listened to this book. I bawled.

While living in Germany and on subsequent visits, I develped empathy for those involved in the horrors of WWI and II. This story highlights a side of the horror I'd never really known or understood. I do now. This story is well written and evokes a high level of emotion.

Everyone should read this book. Despite its graphic nature (it is not graphic in an irreverant way), I suggest all kids read this in junior high. It will open their eyes, not only to the brilliant life they now live, but to the cruelty that exists and must be fought-even today.