Tuesday, April 15, 2014

News and Giveaways!

Ok, I've got a BUNCH of News for you!
AND fun giveaways!

It's... kind of crazy. Check out all the goodies below...

Did you know Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips (year one) is complete!! 
I hope you laugh and cry with Brooklyn as she navigates her first year dating

the everyday deal

Episode one through five are always only .99 cents each

SECOND- here it is...all 5 episodes in one big book!

The today and tomorrow-only deal
Get the whole shebang (Episodes 1-5) for only
$2.99 as an eBook (Kindle, Nook, iBooks)
And only $13.29 as a paperback (reg. $14.99)


Enter here to win this audiobook

Review any of my books and
enter to win the
Adrenaline Rush audiobook when it's completed

I finally got a name for one of the next Christy spy books: 
Fatal Exchange
It is set in Paris and I hope you love it!
Hotwire is the other one and is set in Brooklyn, NY 


Indie Extravaganza: New Book Releases You Should Check Out
PLUS Gift Card Giveaway!
All of these books are New Releases in the last few months. Skip to the genre you love, sample a new indie author... and enter the giveaway at the bottom! (Also check out the FREE books associated with these New Releases at the bottom.) And THANK YOU for supporting indie authors! (click on covers to learn more) p.s. is it me, or are these indie covers amazing?

Young Adult Science Fiction

Science Fiction/Dystopian

Young Adult Fantasy


Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Contemporary/Historical Romance

Young Adult Suspense

Middle Grade

Steampunk/Alternate History


FREE Books
Connected with New Releases Above

Giveaway includes Gift Cards, Original Art, paperbacks, ebooks, and a mug!