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The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

Jacob Clark is minding his own business when several wolves chase him to a door that leads to a new world . Not only does he discover he has stumbled upon a different and amazing world, he finds out he is an important part of this world. He must help them find the lost key of Kilenya. Some interesting creatures help him on his way, while others make every attempt to stop him. They don't want him to succeed-they want his power. (Power even he doesn't know he has.) Will he be able to help this new world overcome the evil that threatens to destroy it?

The Key of Kilenya is packed full of interesting and unique characters. It is an adventure filled ride that is perfect for middle-graders who love action and science fiction. Come enjoy the new, mysterious world Andrea has created and you may never want to leave it.

Pick it up if you dare...
Ebook- wow!! only .99 cents? No way!

Find out more about Andrea. Go to her blog. You'll just love her.  There is even a fun video clip about her. Andrea's blog

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