So Good Y'ull Slap Yo' Mama

Tidbits from My Travels by William

Memphis is known for its barbeque.  There are tons of places around town to get good barbeque.  Some people have their favorite places.  I have mine.

One of my favorites is The Commissary in Germantown, TN (just outside Memphis).  I recently went there with some friends who had never been there before.  Unfortunately for us, we chose an extremely busy night of the week.  However, we were able to get in without too long of a wait.

Like other popular eating establishments I’ve been to, there are framed, autographed pictures of many celebrities hanging on the wall…from Tim McGraw to Brett Favre to Kathy Bates.

Their motto is “So Good Y’ull Slap Yo’ Mama.”  And if you ever forget it, they gladly let you keep your cup with the motto on it…to remind you how good it was.

The food is always good at The Commissary.  Unfortunately, this time, the food was much better than the service…probably because we were packed in like sardines and the poor waitresses were overloaded.  This won’t discourage me from going again and being tempted to slap my mama.

If you have any suggestions of fabulous eating places that I should visit, please leave me a comment and tell me.