Writing is Like a Big, Warm, Fluffy Towel

When I sit and write, a big, warm a big warm fluffy towel seems to come out of nowhere and envelope me, surrounding me in warmth and comfort.

It absorbs all the stories that float through my mind. The happy ones, the sad ones and even the scary ones.

It rubs away the thoughts that sometimes torment me and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to move on.

It wipes away the tears I often shed for a character trying to find her way.

It holds my thoughts, dreams and desires on the rack, holding them until I return.  Sometimes it even whisks them away into nothingness.

It covers me, comforts me, and then lets me go into a world I've never been in before- a clean, blank slate, ready to be lotioned, dressed and made-up anyway I choose.

My favorite fluffy towel is white. What is yours?

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