Watched Launch-Third Highest Sales, Ever, for an author at Barnes and Noble

Thank you a million times over to everyone who came to the most amazing book launch party ever!  And yes, it's official. You helped Watched be the biggest seller at an author signing in Layton Barnes and Noble history.
Just hanging with Jen Nielsen, Frank Cole and Kristyn Crow...

You can actually see Kristyn and Frank in this pic.
Notice all the people? Wow! Hi Katie and Brenda.

Nice pic. Jen. Hey Radon, Kathryn, Lynell, Lonica, and Aubrie

Nice line!

A kiss for good luck into the author drawing
The other awesome authors who partied with me- Bruce Newbold, Josi Kilpack,
Julie Wright, and Mette Harrison. Where's Gary Hansen?

Oh, there's Gary!

Thank you to my most amazing author friends who helped make this possible.

And to you, my old friends, new friends and fans-you're amazing! Thank you for not letting me have a moment to myself.

Go to my Watched blog to see more pics. tomorow.