Toilet paper and Trouble-Breaking the Rules for Elana J and "Possession"

I used to love to have sleepovers. It was a different world back then. We'd head up to the local 7-11, a good mile away, in our pajamas, nonetheless, and spend our precious pennies on a Slurpee or some candy. No one worried about something bad happening to us. And by the way, the 7-11 was the only store open at that time of night and I lived in a big city. (Really, I'm not that old-times have just changed quickly)

This particular night, my brother cajoled us little ones-I think I might have been 10-to toilet paper a particularly scary person in our neighborhood. (A definite no-no, which made it all the more fun.) While toiling away, throwing those rolls as hard as we could into some brain-numbingly tall trees very close to the house, I heard a voice. It wasn't from Heaven, either.

"I'm calling the police, now," a firm, menacing voice called from the window ten feet above our heads.

Like a bomber plane flew only inches above us, we fell to the ground, our thundering hearts threatening to give out.

It took several minutes before my brother dared stand and whisper, "Let's get out of here." My heart still galloped away.

He didn't have to say it twice.

You'd think that would have been the end of the story. It wasn't.

We just couldn't leave it alone. We NEVER got caught on our little vandalism escapades and we just had to finish the job. We returned to the scene of the crime about 3 AM to finish the job.

And finish it we did.  The white wonder that billowed in the slight breeze before us was magnificent.

 A work of art.

Have you ever broken the rules and ended up with a work of art?

Maybe you should break one today....Skip work and pick up Elana's fab debut novel-Possession
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