Speedos and a Tall Blonde

Tidbits from my Travels by William

Several summers ago, my two daughters and I flew to Germany and met my wife. She was ending a European tour with her high school group.  Two of her students stayed with us after their tour ended. 

One day, we decided to go to a local swimming pool.  My first observation was that I was the only one wearing a long swimming suit.  Almost everyone else wore SPEEDOS.  While I stared at their lack of coverage, they stared at my excess coverage.

The water was so cold, we barely put our toes into the pool.  Instead of swimming, or freezing, we all decided to lie around and enjoy the sunshine.  A tall blonde, Laura, was one of the students who stayed with us. The towel she brought with her was not what we would consider large.  In fact, when held up, it only went from her chin to her waist. It was hilarious to see her lying on this small towel. She attracted quite the following of 12-13 year old boys. They began doing what any infatuated 12-13 year old boy would do, they threw things at her. Completely annoyed, she ended up grabbing some of the boy’s shoes and towels and throwing them into the pool. 

This started a verbal war between these boys and Laura.  I was impressed that Laura was able to hold her own in this war, in a language she spent a few short years learning. 

We’d already attracted some awesome attention thanks to my stylin’ shorts, and Laura’s war with the boys left us no choice but to pack and leave, laughing all the way.