Contest! Win a Copy of Watched

It's contest time and there are 5 easy ways to enter.

  1. Become a follower of this blog- 1 entry (just click on the follower button on the left)
  2. Send me a friend request on Facebook-1 entry
  3. Link this contest to your facebook page- 1 entry per week (just click the gray "f" link at the bottom of this post)
  4. Link the post about my book cover to facebook-1 entry per week (archived 4/10. Look on right side of page. Pull it up and click the gray "f" link at the bottom of that post)
  5. Link the post about the Launch of my book at the Family Night with Local Authors- to facebook-1 entry per week (archived on right 5/1. Look on the right side of the page and pull up 5/1 and then click on the gray "f" link at the bottom of that post)
*After you have done one or all of these things, post a comment telling me what you did. Remember you can do #3-5 once a week until the contest ends. Just write another comment each week you do them.
**If you don't comment on this won't be entered in the contest because I won't know what you did.
The prize- Get a copy of WATCHED delivered to your house before the launch on June 6th.

***The contest ends on May 26th at noon.  Good Luck!