Showering for an Audience

Tidbits from my Travels by William

Sorry I didn't post this on my usual Thursday, I was travelling...

Ever been watched while you shower?  I have.

After enjoying a nice morning of snorkeling in Hanauma Bay on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, my friends and I wanted to refresh ourselves and get cleaned up for the day.  We drove toward Honolulu and found some showers on a beach.

As we began showering, with our swimming suits on, I noticed a lady in her fifties and her six to seven year old grandson, or I presumed to be a grandson, watching us.  As they watched us they walked toward us, making their way to a front row seat on the sidewalk, about eight to ten feet from us.  I couldn’t believe they were going to sit right there and just watch us shower. 

It appeared the boy was fascinated by one of my snorkeling companions, Chelsey.  He was obviously intrigued and his expression showed it.  The water was cold so we tried to hurry.  With our audience sitting nearby, it was an added incentive to finish up and leave.

No matter where I go in this crazy world, something amusing always happens!