What's For Dinner? Leftovers? Yuck!

The Eats by Cindy

Do you like leftovers or do they sit in the fridge until they're furry?

I can hear your thoughts now, looking at the half-empty bowl of carrots still sitting on the table after everyone's long gone,  I can't throw those carrots away. They're perfectly good carrots after all.

So, you stash 'em away in the fridge, somewhere handy and convenient, like the bottom, at the back. 
A week later, you find yourself acting exasperated and saying out loud, to no one, "Ah, shoot! The milk hid the carrots and now they're bad. Better chuck 'em."
       As if throwing them away a week later makes you less wasteful.

Check out this handy leftover meal. You'll find yourself planning on leftovers after giving it a try.

Hopefully, you've held on to the tradition of having roast, potatoes and gravy for Sunday dinner at least once a month. If not, you can start next Sunday. Just toss 'em all in the crock pot with a bit of water in the morning and walla an effortless Sunday dinner.

I toss in two roasts, extra potatoes and carrots, so we can have a re-invented roast and potatoes night on Monday or Tuesday.

Simply shred the left-over beef.
Heat up the left-over gravy(you may need to add a touch of water).
Mash the potatoes with a bit of butter, and milk.
Toast some bread. 
Stack the beef on the toast.
Pour some gravy over it.
Then, give yourself a nice helping of carrots and mashed potatoes.
At least two easy, pain free delicious meals.