Halloween Hi Jinks and Story Engineering-Series

Halloween Hi Jinks #6

Several of the other Hi Jink contests are still open. If you missed them, go check them out. #1#2 ,   #3 , #4 . So, I picked this wicked looking spider today, because I'm giving away spider web and spiders. And, I've been hanging huge and tiny spiders all over my living room. So fun. Nothing like some web and spiders to create a spooky decor. Have you decorated already? Halloween is close...

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Now for Larry Brooks tips on Story Engineering-Series endings.

If your book is a series, you need to remember that loose ends are important.  Of course, the primary plot must be resolved, but what lives on is usually character focused.

Larry uses the Harry Potter series as an example. He says each of the Harry Potter books solves a specific problem, but the overriding story problem, a kid finding a guy who killed his parents, remains until the very end of the series. Of course the way to find the guy gets more and more possible as the story progresses.

Each book, however, must stand alone and the main issue must be resolved completely before moving on. A unique story needs to be told in each one.

This is easier if you plan the final ending early. You can, of course, change the ending as you write each book. Just strategize and plan all the main story points beforehand. Then be flexible.

Are you writing a series? Do you already know the final outcome of the series? Do each of your books have a unique story that ends completely in the final pages of the book?

Happy Endings!