Which Way to the Volcano?

Tidbits from my Travels by William

A few friends and I were in Guatemala and were attempting to make our way to a volcano we wanted to hike.  The map we were using was like something from a cereal box—not to scale and needed some sort of decoder to read it.  If you’ve ever driven in Central America you know how chaotic it can be.  While passing through an unknown city in the middle of nowhere, we did what most guys would not and stopped to ask for directions. 

My friend, Chris, and I found two older gentlemen walking down the sidewalk.  I, of course, stood out in this town with my fair skin and dirty blonde hair.  Chris, on the other hand, is an urban Puerto Rican-Mexican.  His looks only make him stand out, a little.

Chris speaks mostly Spanish…kind of like mostly dead from the movie Princess Bride.  So I assumed he would be the one to ask for the directions.  We all know what happens sometimes when one assumes.  As we approached the two gentlemen Chris turned his attention to me and just waited…for to me kick in with my limited Spanish.  I couldn’t believe it!...he was making me ask for the directions with my few years of high school Spanish and limited practice I’ve had over the years since.    

I muddled my way through it but the look of surprise on the two gentlemen’s faces was worth remembering.  They couldn’t believe the Gringo was the one actually doing the talking.  They looked at Chris expecting him to bail me out…but no, he never did!  Chris’ satisfaction showed on his face.  I laughingly called him a jerk as we walked away.

Thanks to the good directions, we made it to the volcano!