Immortal by Lauren Burd. A Review

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Have you ever bought a book because you liked the title? That's what I did with this book, Immortal, by Lauren Burd. I even read four or five reviews. All but one extolled its virtues, so I paid the .99 cents and uploaded it to my Nook. The first chapter told me I'd made a mistake.

First off, the grammar errors in this book are outrageous.
Secondly, she has cut and pasted a few different scenes/reactions in several places in the book. Did I say repeat?
Thirdly, she uses the same words over and over and over...and over again.
Fourth- the plot is way over used in books today.
Fifth-it simply isn't believable.

On a positive note, she does have some twists and turns that are entertaining.  If only she had had people read it before she published it, I'm sure it could have been improved.

Can I be more clear? This book is a stinker. I hate that I spent .99 cents on it