News and Giveaways!

Ok, I've got a BUNCH of News for you!
AND fun giveaways!

It's... kind of crazy. Check out all the goodies below...

Did you know Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips (year one) is complete!! 
I hope you laugh and cry with Brooklyn as she navigates her first year dating

the everyday deal

Episode one through five are always only .99 cents each

SECOND- here it is...all 5 episodes in one big book!

The today and tomorrow-only deal
Get the whole shebang (Episodes 1-5) for only
$2.99 as an eBook (Kindle, Nook, iBooks)
And only $13.29 as a paperback (reg. $14.99)


Enter here to win this audiobook

Review any of my books and
enter to win the
Adrenaline Rush audiobook when it's completed

I finally got a name for one of the next Christy spy books: 
Fatal Exchange
It is set in Paris and I hope you love it!
Hotwire is the other one and is set in Brooklyn, NY