It's a Book Bomb!

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Only 2 days to the launch of Protected.  Get the Scoop, here.

My Friend Rachelle is hosting a book bomb and I had to pass the good news along-after all, you can get Watched as a bonus gift.
In fact, you'll get 20 awesome bonus gifts free if you buy her book today. 
Check it out.

 I have a special offer for you—it’s only good for today—Thursday, March 22, 2012. Purchase CALLER ID from using this link. Then email with your order confirmation/receipt. Once Rachelle receives your order details, she will email you an amazing selection of over 20 free gifts.

 Here’s what’s in store when you purchase CALLER ID today:
(All items will be emailed to you from Rachelle after she receives your order confirmation.)
  • Connie Sokol, author, speaker and life coach is offering two free podcasts: Get Fit & Fabulous: The Difference 100 Calories Makes, and, Joy in Womanhood: The Power of Sitting with Yourself. Visit for video segments, blog posts, products, and more.

  •  Three free ebooks from award-winning author Karen Hoover— The Sapphire Flute ( Book 1 of The Wolfchild SagaSeven Keys and seven guardians born to save a dying world.  AND
Chased by dragons. Saved by a Pegasus. Sharing his mouth with a wizardly spirit.

  •  A free download of JordanMcCollum’s writing guide. Writing emotions in fiction is tough, but an emotional connection is what readers really want in a book. Give your readers a deep emotional experience and you'll hook them for life--and you can learn how in her guide, Emotion: it's tough

  •  Free YA suspense novel Watched by Cindy Hogan--*Change. She longs for it. A murder. She will never be the same. 

  • Heather Johnson from Family, shares with you 5 powerful tips for keeping your marriage strong. Including the "anatomy of a successful date night" and tips for better daily communication. Free download.
  • Free ebook by Shirley Bahlmann-- "Holy Cow, the Udderly Astonishing Power of Dairy in your Diet" is a friendly approach to what dairy can do for you and your waistline! See more books at  
  • Favorite recipes from acclaimed author Josi Kilpack and her Sadie Hoffmiller culinary mystery series, plus Josi will share her top tip for writing success!

  • Need help with professional website design and online marketing that's cost effective?Moller Marketing is offering a free ebook on Building a Professional Online Presence (with a Website that Gets Found), Market Research Made Easy, Online Keyword Research Choosing a Domain Name that Sticks (Not Stinks), and Your Ecommerce Business Priority List
  • Free sci-fi novella--The Bearer's Oath by Angie Lofthouse, originally published in Mindflights Magazine. 

  • "Bless Your Heart" cookbook filled with information about how to live a low-sodium lifestyle for optimal heart health. Author Tristi Pinkston brings you over 80 truly delicious recipes that will make your mouth water - not fall asleep from boredom. You'll be inspired to shake up your menu and take charge of your health.

  • “Subway Survey” is a sci-fi short story by Michael Young that originally appeared in Allegory Magazine about an alien race testing out new technology on a group of hapless subway riders. 

Feel free to pass this on to your friends and shout it out on FB, Twitter, etc. We’d like as many people as possible to benefit from these bonus gifts.

 Remember this offer is only good for purchases made on Thursday, March 22, 2012! *Even if Amazon runs out of stock--you can still order because more books are on the way from my publisher. with your order confirmation/receipt when you purchase CALLER ID.

If you like suspense with tons of twists and turns, you'll like this book. Enjoy your bonus gifts!

If you could get anything transferable by email as a bonus gift, what would you choose?