Intrinsical by Lani Woodland

What I'm reading now Intrinsical by Lani Woodland
And, yes, I have been reading, I've just been falling short on telling you all about it.
I've been getting ready for the release of Protected in a couple of weeks and I'm a 
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Intrinsical (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #1)
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Isn't this cover stunning?

You won't want to miss this book. It has this ethereal feel to it that is to die for. You'll fall in love with Yara and the haunted boarding school she attends. Feeling plagued by her family's gift, Yara tries to suppress the Waker gene in her. A Waker, by the way, is someone who sees ghosts. Yes, she can see ghosts. Cool, huh? Unfortunately, it gets her into a lot of trouble as she gets pulled into a curse at the school that is sixty years old.

If you like paranormal fantasy, you'll love this book. Oh, and did I tell you there's a bit of romance that peeks through?

I actually got to meet Lani in Salt Lake City, Utah when she came to support a friend of hers who's book just got released.
Chowing at Rumbi's at the Gateway in Salt Lake

About to melt into some awesome chocolate at
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Indelible (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #2)
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Need more info on Lani? Go here.
Oh, and guess what? The sequel to Intrinsical is already out. It's called 
Indelible. Another knock-your-socks-off cover. Just beautiful.

Get both at once, you'll thank me when you get to the end of Intrisical and are dying for more.

Both, of course,  are available on Ebook! I love reading on my Nook. And the prices are so great.