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So, I was tagged two more times, so here are the answers to those burning questions you've had about me.

Thanks Amber Clites for the tag.

1.  Pantser or Planner?
 Total pantser. It gets me into some trouble here and there...

2.  Favorite book, movie, and TV show?

Alias Rocks

3.  Would you rather have free Starbucks for five years or free itunes for life?

Free itunes! Long live audio books.

4.  What inspires you more, music or visual (ie: photography, scenery, etc)?

Music. Go Avril!



5. Do you pinterest?

No...Sorry, never been there

6.  The question for the ages, Edward or Jacob?

Jacob is too hot to pass up.


7.  Would you rather be able to talk to animals or to be able to speak and understand any language?

Hmm...right now we are in puppyland and if only I could understand what in the heck he wants and thinks, life would be so much easier.

8.  Would you rather be kidnapped by terrorists or abducted by aliens?

At least with Aliens we could work out a love story.

9.  What is the genre(s) that you write for?

Young Adult contemporary romantic suspense
Exiled (Immortal Essence, #1) 

10.  *Warning stolen question* If money were no object, where would your dream vacation take place?

I said Swiss Alps last time...I'll stick with that.

11.  Did you cry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two?  Was one of the times when Dumbledore asked Severus, "After all this time?" and Severus responded, "Always. "  And if not, are you sure you have a soul?

I did not. I am a calloused soul.  I'm actually watching this at home, right now. No joke.

Tagged again    How fun. Bet you didn't know the answers to these questions about me.
1. What was the greatest live music experience you've ever had?  
When I was teenager, I went to see Billy Idol with my fabulous sister, Tracie. Saw Kelly Clarkson a few years ago. Awesome.

2. What was your worst date ever?
Honestly, I don't think I've had a worst date...

3. If money is no object, what would your dream vacation be?
Swiss Alps skiing trip
                                                    4. Would you rather live in a crowded city or small town?
Definitely a small town.

5. Would you be willing to murder one innocent person if you knew it would guarantee an end to all world hunger? 
Not fair, but still, no way.

6. When did you last cry in front of somebody (who is not your partner)?
When I had to leave a service position that I truly loved.

7. Would you be willing to endure night terrors- every night- for the rest of your life if you were given vast personal wealth to use however you wish in exchange?
                                                 Nothing is worth giving up peace of mind.

8. If you could choose the manner of your death- but not the timing- what would you choose?
I would definitely choose to die in my sleep.

9. Would you rather switch back to black and white TV with only five channels, or no internet?
Back to Black and White TV

10. If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt somebody, would you do it?
No. Keep that crap away from me.
11. What if the voodoo doll was only able to annoy them tremendously  would you do it?
ditto #10

What Random Act of Kindness have you been a part of lately?