Windy City

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Well, we made it through the first wind storm (100mph) and are about to
face another that could bring winds up to 75 mph. OUCH! Wish us luck!

Check out some of our damage..oooweee! Pics below.

They cancelled church today and organized a mass clean-up. Everyone met at one house in the neighborhood and moved through it, house by house, until all the debris from the storm was gone. Thank you Davis County for opening the landfill, the burn plant and the sewage treatment plant today (Sunday) for everyone to bring the debris for free. Thank you neighbors for making a job that would have taken us weeks, take only a few hours. Just to give you an idea of how much debris we are talking about, my house alone filled four trailers and we kept our broken fence (18- 8 ft sections) and haven't cut down our pine tree that is 2/3 of the way gone already. That will be another 2 loads alone.

Thank heavens no one got hurt, but about 2400 people in our area still don't have power. It's been 4 full days. Yikes.