Story Engineering by Larry Brooks- The Hero Attacks

Larry says that once you enter phase 3 of your book, your hero had better start "doing his business."

That means your hero needs to be on the attack. This is a proactive attack of the problem.

While your hero may have tried to be proactive in part 2, he was never successful. In part 2, the strength of the opposition needs to be shown.

In part 3 it's the hero's turn.
He must now do more, be more-become the conquerer.

Not only has he hatched a plan, he institutes it. While it is no easier to defeat the villian or opposition, the reader can see the growth of the character and the fact that he "got over his self" to reach his goal.

The reader needs to see this growth!

P.S. Don't forget to show that the villian has also evolved and become more at this point.

Happy Story Engineering!