Forever by Maggie Stiefvater-A Review

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ForeverWhat I'm Reading Now by Cindy 

Okay, as you know, I had a rocky start with Maggie's first book, Shiver and wasn't sure if I'd read the next two in the trilogy. Thanks to my good friend Erin, who owned, Linger, I read it and was pleasantly surprised.
Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

So, I purchased Forever as an audio book on While I love reading books, there are times that it simply isn't when you're weeding the garden, baking or driving.

I really liked the voices in this reading and felt they fit the characters.

Forever is first and foremost a love story that poses as a suspense/adventure story. Sam is human and Grace is now a wolf. They long for each other but are unable to be together because Grace's instincts as a wolf are too strong. It is Spring and change is in the air. Soon, Sam will have Grace back because warm weather makes her change back into a human.

Just when things seem like they will be better, a man who lost his son to the wolves threatens to destroy them. Sam, Grace and Cole set out on a race to find a cure or at least a solution before his plans come together.

Frought with twists and turns and heartache, Forever is sure to please those of us who love a quick, fun, interesting and witty read.

One caution, there are references to teen sex and some violent, graphic scenes.

Happy reading