Story Engineering by Larry Brooks- Your Second and Third 100 Pages

We finished looking at the set-up of your book or the first 100 pages. Now let's see what Larry says should be in the next 200 pages.

The second 100 pages should be all about your hero's response to the new situation created in the first 100 pages.
     Your character should be running, hiding, analyzing, observing, recalculating, etc. before moving forward and finding a solution.  Be careful not to make your character too smart in this section.  It should be a type of blind response. Your hero is wandering or staggering around.

              Your Hero's purpose and quest has just begun.

The 3rd section of your book, Larry says, should be when the hero attacks his obstacles. He tries to fix things and becomes proactive, courageous and ingenious.

        He is now doing things a little different than he did in the beginning of the book.  In fact, the hero needs to change some if he is to succeed.

Do your 2nd and 3rd hundred pages follow Larry's ideal? Check them out and see.
Do you agree with Larry?

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