Story Engineering by Larry Brooks -the Last 100 Pages and a Review!

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Where are we with Structure according to Larry Brooks?

The last 100 pages. Just to give you a quick reminder, we've gone over the set-up, the response, and the attack. Now we'll discuss the resolution.

The hero discovered in the attack section of the book, that what he thought would work doesn't. He needs even more courage, more creativity or a better plan to overcome the obstacles he faces.

In the last part of your book, the last 100 pages or so, you should not give out any new information. Your hero may only use that which is already in play to save the day.

He must come forward with a true solution to the problem. He must be the victor, conquering the antagonistic force.

A few things to remember
  1. Your hero needs to be the primary catalyst
  2. Your hero needs to be heroic and in the middle of the solution.
So, there you have it-the ending to your story in a nutshell.

Is your hero the primary catalyst and is he in the middle of the solution? If not, maybe you should re-think your last 100.

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