Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please

Tidbits from my Travels by William

Riding a subway system is always an exciting adventure.  While staying in D.C. we got around via the Metro. 

On one occasion, my wife, two daughters and I hurried to catch a train.  My oldest daughter was the last of our group to get on the train.  The door shut just as she was entering the train.  One of her legs got stuck between the two closing doors, right at her knee.  I began trying to pry the doors apart to free her.  Another passenger ran over and helped.  We finally opened the doors just enough to squeeze her leg out.

She was so embarrassed.  Anytime something happens that draws attention to her, like this incident, she turns bright red.  This time was no exception.

To my surprise, D.C.’s Metro is a little different from NYC’s subway system, the one I’m used to riding.  In NYC if the subway doors close on you, they immediately open back up so you aren’t stuck.

Stand clear of the closing doors please…even in D.C.