What the Heck and It's Sunday-Tomorrow's the Big Day for "Watched"

 What the Heck by Cindy

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Two ducks swimming in the water on the cover of my pool...

It's June for crying out loud and it's been way too cold to even peek under the cover.  

The sun was out today, but was it just teasing us again? Please come again tomorrow.
As promised, here is another little review of Watched.
Tomorrow's the big day.

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Christy wants to create a new life while in Washington, D.C.--a life where she fits in. Her roommate gets her off to a good start with a make-over, but not until she witnesses a murder is she really noticed by the one person she wants to notice her, Alex.  She now has to deal with the the bad guys, who want to know what she knows, the FBI who want to protect her, and not just the attentions of one boy, but two. She finds out that if she can't help the FBI uncover the truth about the bad guys, she will lose her life, along with her new friends.
I can't wait for the sequel. It was a fun and interesting read. Realistic view into the life of a teenager. I felt like I was a teenager again.
by Jenny Moore