A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray- A Review

What I'm reading now by Cindy

A girl witnesses her mother's murder and not only does she somehow feel responsible for it, she is placed in a school where she must learn to survive as the underdog while figuring out who she is.

Unfortunately, she discovers she is a witch of some sort. Allowing herself to be seduced by her new found power, she unleashes a chain of events that not only threatens to end her life, but also the lives of the girls' she brought along with her.

I felt like I knew these girls, which made it all the more disturbing to see the young allowed to be caught up in truly evil things. The morality of her choices is never explored and it needed to be.

Also, the whole strange sexual vibe of the story disturbed me.

I like the way Libba Bray writes, but I do not like the subject matter in this book. I will not read any sequels.

I do not recommend this book.  I listened to the audio book.

I will review Incarceron next week and am reading an hilarious book called Millie's Fling right now.

Have you read A Great and Terrible Beauty? Did you like it?

Happy reading.