Sneaking Food and Outwitting Parents

What the Heck by Cindy

Friday I spent some time with some of my good friends at a reader's retreat in Bear Lake, Utah. We told more stories than we read and one made me chuckle more than any other and here is the short of it.

First off, let me say that my friend has a large family. The kids snacked and ate all the time-eating them out of house and home (at least all the "good stuff"). To prevent this, they installed a lock with a key on the food storage room. The problem? The key got left around or lost all the time and the kids took advantage of it.

So, they installed a lock box, similar to the ones on houses for sale, where the key sits in a compartment behind the key-pad. Punch in the code and the key is yours. Problem solved, right?

Not exactly, sure the key never got lost anymore, but when my friend reached for a bag of Goldfish in the storage room, it crumpled in her hand. HA! One of her kids had waited for her to go upstairs with one load of food and had snuck in to sneak the Goldfish. To make sure Mom didn't find out, the child blew air into the bag and closed it to make it appear full. In fact, several bags suffered the same fate.

All my friend could do was laugh and stand in awe at her child's ingenuity.

Have you ever snuck food?