Ever been locked in a store when it closed for the night?

What the Heck by Cindy

One of my good friends got locked into a local garden nursery when it closed for the night.

  No joke.

She and her son were locked in the back of the nursery, in the greenhouses, where all the plants are. The doors to leave the nursery and go to the front of the store where the registers are, were also locked.

 Cell phone to the rescue. (Good thing she had one)

She called her husband, who tried the store, but of course, no one answered. He then called the police who tried to get a hold of the owners, but were unsuccessful.

In the meantime, my friend found a door that had a rusty spot for a lock, minus the lock, and she pushed and pushed until it opened. Now she was outside, on the grounds of the nursery. She got in her van and tried to find a way out through the back of the gardens, but a fence totally enclosed the entire place.

A locked fence.
No one could get her out.

Finally, the police got a hold of the owner and he came to let her out.

At first, he was pretty grumpy, but my friend showed him how it was his employees' fault and she ended up with a hundred bucks to spend in the nursery.

Get locked in for a hundred bucks?