Confessions of an Avid Reader

Books I'm currently reading by Cindy

I thought I better fess-up. Hmmm. I've never written that before. (Fess-up, that is) It looks strange, but it passed spell check, so it must be okay, Right?  Anyway, I discovered I'm actually reading six books right now.
  1. The Red Pyramid-hardback and huge- it stays by my bed
  2. Shiver-paperback and borrowed-next to my pillow
  3. Being Nikki-hardback and small-next to the couch
  4. Millie's Fling-on the Nook-it goes with me everywhere
  5. Story Engineering-on the Nook-I never leave home without it
  6. Wings-on the Nook-again, with  me all the time
How many books are you reading right now and where do you keep them?