St. Patrick's Day Hangover and the Gym

How was your corned beef and cabbage?
Thanks for the pic, Laura Howard. :)

Mine? I didn't have either, but I did wear green and celebrate with everyone else online and around town.

(Just a little side note here, I did survive my second vein surgery. It's been a few days and while it still aches and looks awful, I only have another week and a half of these hose and I'll be free of them and hopefully the pain. Thanks for all the well wishes and questions about it)

Let's talk the GYM today. I guess I'm feeling a bit of withdrawal for exercising. I can finally go again tomorrow. Yay!

I love going to the gym in the winter when it's too treacherous to walk outside due to ice and snow.  And St. Paddy's Day is about the time that I can head back out to walk the neighborhoods. (I can't wait) What do I love most about the gym? I love watching TV while I work out. Yep! I'm a TV-aholic. To curb my appetite, we don't have cable and believe me that's a good thing.

What do I like to watch? I love the shows on HGTV about renovating and buying houses and do-it-yourself stuff as well as Biography and the History channels. I could watch that mess all day long. And I would, if I had cable. Good thing we don't or you guys would never get books from me.

That brings me to the downside of the gym. Besides the fact that I really hate wiping the machines down--I mean really, how many times can you use the same rag and expect the equipment to be clean--Yucky!--what about the smells and I'm not talking B.O? With everyone breathing so hard and expelling other smells on the sly, I find myself working out without breathing. Not a good thing, by the way.

But, the worst thing about having to workout in the gym is not getting to brainstorm like I do walking around my city. At the gym my mind is being occupied with all the fantastic TV shows, how am I supposed to create at the same time? And, I like to talk while I brainstorm and create...I don't think the people around me working their butts off would understand. I might even be labeled as the crazy treadmill lady. Hmm. That does have a ring to it.

It's incredible how walking and talking opens my creative mind and put me into my stories. My neighbors don't even whisper about me anymore. LOL. I'm that crazy writer girl that talks to herself all the time. I don't mind. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

I was able to finish my paris novel (still not named) and I'm almost done with Hotwire-but most of the brainstorming was done before I was relegated to the gym and my TV obsession. I can't wait for you to get your hands on them.

By the way, have you picked up Gravediggers and Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips yet? If not-run, don't walk.

And those of you that already have...they could really use  some review love. (You don't have to write a novel about them, just a sentence or two. It's weird that I've sold so many and yet there still are hardly any reviews for them-I'll love you forever.) From this link, you can get to all my books and review them super fast.  Thanks a ton.

Do you love the gym or do you exercise outside?

What do you do to get your creative side going?