Standing Room Only!

The launch party  for
was a fabulous success.

Thanks to everyone who came and those who donated the over 100 prizes that were given out as door prizes.

Unfortunately, the pictures weren't a smashing success. It might be a fun game to try to figure out who the blurs are. :)

I should've enlisted Tomi to take them and maybe phones aren't the best way to document history.

The Pregame-
the room is filling up

The Main Event- they even wanted me to read. 
Pretty funny.

Can you tell who anyone is?

The after game- 
Nice line for signing books

Some Pics with fans
There were more, but totally not clear
If you have any, send them to me and I'll add them.

MaKaela Howell book trailer maker extraordinaire
Shantal Hiatt, Juli Caldwell and nieces

Picture with the cover model of Adrenaline Rush

Thanks everyone!
What author's launch was the best you've ever attended and why?