Huge Changes

Today was my last day of a long-term sub job I did for a good friend who had a baby. A super cute baby at that. I was both excited and sad.

Excited, because I will have more time to devote to writing, and sad, because I will miss the awesome kids in my classes-about 150 of them, all unique, fun, and sometimes very irritating.

Seventh graders are an interesting breed of kids. Many are lost, wondering how they fit into this big bad world, while others reach out and find their place without much effort.
These kids are a big reason I write YA novels. I don't only want to entertain them, but I also want to show them how powerful they can be if they choose to be. These kids are our future and I don't think they realize the impact they can have on that future now.

One thing's for certain, if these kids are our future, I do not need to fear.

What do you think about the kids today? Is our future bright?