Do a Grump a Favor?

Did you know that today, February 16th, is
"Do a grump a favor day?"
I think that is so funny. It is a nice way to kick off a fun giveaway hop. I hope you all get lots of cool prizes from hopping around.

I know, I love winning!

While you're at it, go do a grump a favor and see how it makes you feel. I'll wager you will get more out of it than he/she will.

Did anyone do anything great for you on Valentine's Day? Better yet, did you do something amazing for someone else?

So, what can you win here? How about a subway gift card? Sound yummy? That's right! I know how to spread the love.

How to win: (takes 30 secs. tops)
Mandatory- sign up for my newsletter-look to the right of this blog to sign up. Easy.
Optional entry- like my Amazon page here.
It's not a requirement, but I'd love you to follow this blog, too. I love followers!

Leave me one comment about what you did and voila! you're entered.

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What do you think?