Night Road by Kristin Hannah - A Review

What I'm reading now Night Road

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YOU'll want to be thereLexi Baill, tossed from foster home to foster home, finally finds a permanent one with a great aunt who lovesNight Road. I will...and I'd love to sign your book!

and cares for her despite the greater financial burden she brings.
Determined to live on the fringes of school, Lexi looks for another girl who is on the fringes to befriend. She finds Mia, the daughter of Jude, a mother who likes to be involved in every aspect of her children's lives. Despite her initial reservations about Lexi, due to her marred past and financial standing, she pulls her into the family because she loves that Mia finally has a friend.

Once senior year hits, Jude feels her control of her children slipping through her fingers. She is torn between laying down the law and having her children adore her. It all comes to a head when Lexi, Mia and Mia's brother, Zach, collectively make a terrible decision that ends in tragedy.

Can Lexi, Zach and Jude find forgiveness and live life again?

I listened to this book. I liked the characters. They were rich and inviting. The contrast between the siblings Zach and Mia was striking and interesting. This is a story that could play out in just about anyone's family. Kristin Hannah is a great story teller. I was engrossed and engaged until a couple of things happened. First, this book makes it seem okay to have sex in high school. In fact it makes it seem that everyone does it and therefore we should be prepared for our children to do it. Next, it got so darn depressing for so long, I could hardly bear it.

Despair for me needs to be short lived and the way it dragged on in this story, while it might be somewhat realistic for many, made me not like the story in the end. Even after it was all resolved, I still felt depressed. Yuck.

This book is perfect for people who like realistic fiction that leaves you despairing. Oh, that sounded harsh, but that's not what I intended. I know people who love this type of book. You know who you are.

Teen sex, alcohol and drugs are prevelant in this story-be forewarned.