Matched by Ally Condie-A Review

MatchedWhat I'm reading-Matched

Cassia believes and trusts the Society to make decisions for her and is very excited to find out
who her Match will be. She never thought she could be Matched with anyone more spectacular until she discovers someone else dominates her thoughts.  Add to that the slow understanding that the Society actually has flaws. She finds many secrets and lies of the Society and must decide if she can be loyal or not. 

Take time to enjoy this book. It is not fast paced and it feels a lot like a book of backstory, just waiting for the story to begin. But, looking closer, I found how lovely it is. Walk with Cassia during her emotional, internal journey. Follow her as she discovers her rebellious side that wants to take control of her own life.

Look even closer and you'll find a nice love story.

You should read this book. Just don't expect it to be a page turner.