How to Illuminate your Characters according to Larry Brooks

Writing-the Craft-by Cindy

Larry Brooks writes about 7 key characterization variables. Take your main characters and see if you can see all seven in your character.
  1. Surface affectations and personality. It's what the world sees about a character.
  2. Backstory. What happened to the character before the story begins. A lot of backstory will only be known by the author and never written into the story
  3. Character arc. How the character learns lessons and grows.
  4. Inner demons and conflicts. What holds the character back and defines what he does, thinks and believes.
  5. Worldview-the manifested outcome of the character's backstory and demons
  6. Goals and motivations. What drives the character.
  7. Decisions, actions and behaviors. The ultimate decisions, actions, and behaviors that are the sum of all the others
All is dependant on #7 and how well you have been able to manipulate the first 6 variables up to, during and after the the ultimate decison, action or behavior.

How well have you been able to manipute variables 1-6 to create characters that make believable decisions, do believable things and behave in a believable way?