Review of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Review

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When Clary discovers her world is much different than she had believed, she decides she must accept and explore this new world. She jumps head first into the world of Shadowhunters and demons hoping to make sense of her life. Falling for a Shadowhunter named Jace is only part of the reason she pushes forward. She must also find her mother, who has disappeared.
While I was able to come to terms with the massive number of similes in this book, I had a hard time loving the sarcastic, harsh characters that populate it. I felt unconnected and unconcerned with their plight. I wish I had cared about these characters because I think the storyline is unique and interesting.

I will not be reading any more of this series.  I say read it if you've got time to kill or you can  borrow it from a friend.