Love Handle Anyone?

Tidbits from My Travels by William

When I have a window seat on a plane, I often gaze out the window for a while until the new wears off.  On one particular flight I had a window seat.  I began gazing out the window and not paying very much attention to what was happening in the cabin of the plane as passengers were still boarding.

I did notice a lady had taken the seat right next to me.  After a few minutes while still looking out the window, I reached up and to my left and grabbed the arm rest and attempted to push it to down to its normal position.  I noticed it would not go all of the way down.  While still being preoccupied with whatever I was looking at outside, I attempted to push it down with much more force.  After it still would not go all the way down, I looked and noticed what the obstruction was—the lady’s large love handle. 

I was too embarrassed to ever really look at her.  I think I looked out the window the rest of the flight.