ChipShop in New York City

Tidbits from my Travels by Steele

One of my last trips to NYC I had it in my mind I must visit a restaurant in Brooklyn called the ChipShop. 

While watching the Travel Channel a few weeks before the trip, the ChipShop popped up. Famous for their British style fish and chips, they also make an interesting dessert.  After watching it I knew I had to go there and try one of their deep fried Twinkies! 

With so many places to eat in NYC, and I have my favs that I like to hit up when I'm there, I talked my friend into going to Brooklyn and finding the ChipShop.  The friendly staff and quick service impressed me.  After perusing the menu, we opted for a slice of deep fried pizza.  We chased that with a deep fried Twinkie.  I have to say, that was the most deep fried food I'd ingested since my last visit to Memphis. 

Luckily, I literally walk miles while I'm in NYC, and I find myself walking the New Yorker's pace, not the leisurely pace most of the country enjoys.  So, I'm sure I walked those calories right off within the next few hours.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop in and have some fish and chips, maybe a deep fried slice of pizza, but definitely try the deep fried Twinkie.  I actually think it's better than the Twinkie you buy from the store.