#1, Watched


Synopsis: It takes more than a school trip to Washington, DC to change Christy’s life. It takes murder.

A witness to the brutal slaying of a senator’s aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot guys.

She discovers that if she can’t help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.


"A fantastic read, full of suspense and excitement! Cindy M. Hogan writes brilliantly and she knows just how to keep you on the edge of your seat. It's virtually impossible to just relax reading this book and when you finish you feel as if you've been right there in the midst of it all!" -Kitty Bullard, GMTA review

"I loved it! This is a clean, YA suspense novel that I was happy to have my teenage daughter read. We both agreed that the characters were real and the situation was believable. Once you sat down with this book you did not want to get up until you were done. The suspense and action grabbed a hold of you until the very end. Both my daughter and I are excited that the second in the series is coming out." D. Chapman, Amazon reviews

#2, Watched


Synopsis: When Christy returns home, she discovers that not much has changed. Not only is she still an outcast, but the bullies are even more persistent than before. When the guy that sends her pulse racing shows up, everything changes. 

Unfortunately, her feeling of triumph is short lived when the terrorists from DC come calling. Now, Christy and her boyfriend need to find a way to escape and hide.


"From bullies to terrorists, Christy faces challenge after challenge in this stunning sequel that raises the stakes, both for her safety, and her love-life. A fantastic addition to a series that is sure to catch the hearts of readers." ~Heather McCorkle, author of the Channeler series

"PROTECTED is a thrilling follow-up that left me sitting on the edge of my seat and begging for more."- Magan Vernon author of How to Date an Alien 

"A suspenseful, romantic, and intriguing novel. Protected is a riveting novel that I couldn’t put down until the very last word." Miriam Barton, author

"Protected, is unique and so elegantly written that it did no less than amaze me with the brilliance of this author. In a world where danger is real and there are bad people just waiting to hurt you at every turn, Cindy M. Hogan still manages to weave in the hope that is found in believing in a higher power. 

This is one of the very best YA series I have ever read and it's definitely worth picking up. I think I love this series most because of the real-life drama and situations these teens are put in. The situations are indicative of what could truly happen in today's world and that's what makes it so exciting and thrilling. Packed with a combination of heart-wrenching teen angst and heart-stopping action with the threat of some really bad people, this is one you don't want to miss!"
~Kitty Bullard GMTA reviews

"This anticipated sequel sizzles with equal parts thriller, suspense and romance. A spine tingling story I could not put down." ~C.K.Bryant, author of BOUND

"Protected has equal parts romance and thriller. This fast paced novel has a little something for everyone!" -Lani Woodland, author of Intrinsical 

#3, Watched


Synopsis: With The Witness Protection Program failing to keep Christy safe, she is sent to Belgium to hide in a spy school. While there, test scores reveal her true abilities and the director wants her to become a spy. 

Once the terrorists back home are all caught, and the danger gone, she is forced to make the decision to either go home and live a normal teen life or use her gifts and become a spy.


"Created is Mission: Impossible meets Bourne Identity, only better because Christy is just seventeen." -RaShelle Workman, author of Exiled

"Unique, suspenseful, and hard to predict." -E. Baker, reviewer

"Be prepared to spend the entire day doing nothing but reading because once you startCreated, you won't want to put it down!" -C. Anderson, reviewer

"A remarkable balance between adventure and romance, leaving you hungry for more." -L. Sears, reviewer

Watched Omnibus
Watched Series

Synopsis: When Christy witnesses the brutal murder of a senator's aide on a school trip only weeks before her sixteenth birthday, she becomes the target of the terrorists,and the focus of the FBI and two seriously hot guys. The FBI fails to keep her safe after sending her home and she ends up in witness protection, far away from everything she knows and loves. 

When her new identity is compromised, she is sent to Belgium where she is confronted with a life-altering choice: she must decide who it is she wants to become: A normal 17-year-old college student or a spy.

Adrenaline Rush
#1, A Christy Novel
October 2013

Synopsis: A madman with a mission is kidnapping groups of thrill-seeking high school seniors across the country, and it s up to Christy to stop him. To do so, she must take on a fearless alter ego and infiltrate a group of adrenaline junkies bent on pushing life to the limit. Death-defying stunts are only the beginning: two groups fit the profile, and Christy must discover the real target before it s too late.
If she chooses the wrong group, more people will disappear. But choosing right puts her as the prime target with no guarantee that she ll get out alive.

"Thrilling, heart pounding, an Adrenaline Rush indeed!"
-Konstanz Silverbow, Author of Only Half Alive

"Jeremy and Christy have a chemistry akin to a younger version of Alias' Vaughn and Sydney Bristo."
-S.M. Anderson, author of Copied

"Hunger Games move over - Adrenaline Rush has arrived."
-D.K Holbrook, reviewer

#2, A Christy Novel
October 2014

Synopsis: Division spy Christy Hadden can't wait for her latest assignment posing as a student at a prestigious New York City academy and car thief extraordinaire.

The best part of the mission is her attractive handler, Jeremy, and her new team. The worst part? The sociopath masquerading as the academy's most popular guy.

But soon she realizes the car thieves are much more than they seem. Her simple spying mission becomes more dangerous than anyone imagined. If the organization discovers her true identity, they won't hesitate to kill her, and if she fails, others will suffer the same fate.

Young Adults, teens and adults will love this exciting suspenseful adventure with a dash of romance. You won't want to put it down.

"Hotwire keeps you biting your nails while on the edge of your seat which makes for an overall exhilarating read!" Bookstalker Review

"Oh. My. Gosh. This book has it all. Romance. Danger. Christy. Action. Adventure. Subterfuge." Mybookaday review

"It made me forget to breathe while I waited to read if everything would work out."

Fatal Exchange
#3, A Christy Novel
October 2015


Synopsis: For 19-year-old Christy Hadden, it’s life as usual as a spy, only this time in Paris, France. Her mission: retrieve a flash drive containing evidence that a high public official is working to destroy Paris. Pretty standard, until someone steals the drive from her. Forced to abandon her position protecting the informant, she goes after the thief, but returns empty handed—only to find her informant dead. 

Christy's failure taints her reputation at Division and the director has lost all faith in her. But Christy isn't one to slink into the shadows. Alone and disgraced, she decides to track down the drive and solve the murder, not only to redeem herself as a spy, but to give meaning to her informant’s sacrifice, and perhaps even save Paris. 

Suspenseful, with the right amount of romance, and awash with action, Fatal Exchange will send you on a thrill ride that will be hard to forget.


"Of course, there are still those romantic tensions, with the forbidden romance between Christy and her handler, Jeremy. They can't, they mustn't, they won't... or will they?" -Jennifer L. Thompson

"The story was gripping. You really have no idea who is the bad guy or why until the very end. And you want to know believe me you want to know." -Hello Booklover

"I Love These Books! These are clean and thrilling books that I would recommend to anyone! I can't wait for the next one!" -CandiesLand

 Kate Unmasked
#1, Code of Silence trilogy


Kate Concealed
#2, Code of Silence trilogy


Kate Unleashed
#3 Code of Silence trilogy
**Coming Soon**

The Royal Guard
Part of the Monterra Kindle World


November 2013


Synopsis: Winner of best YA novel of the year 2013.

Seventeen-year-old Billy thinks his father’s murder will never be solved—until he stumbles across an old ammo box while digging a grave in his small-town Tennessee cemetery.

What he finds leads him to question everything he knows, and his search for answers will uncover more than he bargained for: lies, secrets, and conspiracies—and behind them all, a dangerous truth.

Young Adults, teens, and adults will love this exciting suspenseful mystery with a dash of romance. You won't want to put it down.


"A thrilling mystery with spine-tingling hints and bone-chilling secrets. Hogan has a knack for creating killer scenes that make her books irresistible. Don’t miss this one!"
--Rachelle J. Christensen, author of Wrong Number and Caller ID

“Mystery, adventure, danger, and a touch of romance fill the pages of Gravediggers."
-Angela Woiwode, reviewer

"Friendships are tested to the limit and secrets and lies are uncovered in this unpredictable mystery."
-Susan Tietjen, reviewer

First Kiss
#1 Sweet N' Sour Kisses
July 2013


Synopsis: VL. Virgin Lips. You may not have heard of it, but where I live, it's a thing with a card, even if it is a figurative card. I was Brooklyn Hamlin, certified virgin lips, and I planned on clinging to that figurative card with all I had--while dating as many of the hottest guys at school as I could.

Maybe that's a bit strange. I mean, what teenage girl isn't interested in kissing? Locking lips definitely interested me, but the drama that came with it didn't. No kissing, no drama. Simple.
But on my sixteenth birthday, on my first real date even, the drama found me. His name was Luke Graham--cute, funny, and bad news for the whole female race. 

Stolen Kiss
#2 Sweet N' Sour Kisses
July 2013


Synopsis: With my VL card gone, my flickering light of hope lay with Ryker, someone else who'd caught my eye. Only he could erase the memory of Luke, the boy who lip-raped me. 

Unfortunately, Luke was determined to keep me, or at the very least, ruin me.

Rebound Kiss
#4 Sweet N' Sour Kisses
August 2013


Synopsis: Brooklyn has become a social outcast at school thanks to Luke, who spent his entire weekend playing the victim and spreading rumors. And there’s nothing worse than Luke’s brand of justice. 

With no other way to escape her torn up, lonely life, she accepts an invitation to her cousin’s birthday party. Attending a party thrown by someone she doesn’t get along with is better than sitting home alone. The highlight of the party is meeting Riley, a boy who’s sweeter than the plate of sugar cookies he arrives with. After everything Brooklyn has been through, it seems that karma is finally on her side, but she soon learns that nothing is ever simple in the dating world.

Rejected Kiss
#3 Sweet N' Sour Kisses
October 2013

Synopsis: Determined to get dates, Ali and Brooklyn follow the advice of Brooklyn's mom and try to make themselves visible to guys. The first step in the plan is to ask boys to the next dance which just happens to be girls choice. Everything seems to be looking up as the sweetheart's dance turns out to be a smashing success. Only a week later, their hopes waver as almost every girl, except the two of them, get asked to prom. Now Brooklyn must convince Ali that it is better to ask a guy to prom than to stay at home, rejected.  

Dream Kiss
#5 Sweet N' Sour Kisses
November 2013


Synopsis: Everything I’d been through and everything I’d been, from victim to victor, had brought be me to this point. The point where I could admit that life wasn’t under my control, but that I was open to whatever surprise it might bring me. And there I was, on the precipice of summer, feeling like life was about to bring something big my way.

Because despite everything that had happened, or maybe because of it, there was one thing I still was: a believer. I knew in my heart that that kiss was still possible. You know, the perfect, magical, life-changing one—the one where you ride off into the sunset, happily ever after. I knew my dream kiss was still waiting for me.

Sweet and Sour Kisses-episodes 1-5
Sweet N' Sour Kisses
December 2013


All Five Episodes of Sweet and Sour Kisses in one book! 

Brooklyn Hamlin likes the rules. They're safe and smart. And for Brooklyn, the rules are simple—no dating until she turns sixteen and no kissing. But her sixteenth birthday is just a few days away, and that means all the rules are about to change. Brooklyn's still determined to avoid the drama of kissing, but she wouldn't mind holding someone's hand, especially if that someone is Luke Graham. 

Charming and handsome, with just a hint of danger, Luke has been the subject of her daydreams since the school year began. So when he asks to take her on her very first date, Brooklyn can’t believe her luck. 

But things aren’t exactly what they seem, and some boys really are too good to be true. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed, Brooklyn is about to find herself in the middle of all the drama and heartache she was hoping to avoid.
**If you can't make it to any of the signings or if you live outside Utah, you can buy from Amazon or directly from me and I'll sign it before shipping it to you. All books cost $12 total including shipping.  Just email me and I'll get it out to you.