Are you an Eater or a Sleeper? And win some cold hard cash

I'm a curious kind of person and was wondering...

Which do you value more--eating or sleeping?
I have an easy test for you to know...keep reading to take the test

I watched one morning as my husband rushed around getting ready for work one morning and realized that he is different from me in many ways (and I love them all) but he is especially different in this way--

He would rather sleep than eat.

sleeping person photo:  FirstTwoDays026.jpg
Random person sleeping
people eating photo: Eating_chicken Eating_chicken.jpg
Random person eating

sleeping person photo:  CIMG7769.jpg
Random person sleeping
To me, that is incomprehensible. Seriously. After a shower, the very next thing I do is eat and then prepare what I will be eating the rest of the day.

My hubby, however, is like these two random people. He sleeps until the last minute or perhaps past that last minute and then doesn't have time to eat breakfast or make a lunch (I've tried to make lunches for him and occasionally, I succeed in making something he will actually eat-what can he say--he likes what he likes on the days he likes them...figure that one out)

sleeping person photo: brother sleeping... gotta love when a person falls asleep and people get  pics of it 29649_107617025952810_100001135399062_61859_1530847_n.jpg

Me? I sleep about six hours and can't stand staying in bed. I have lots of time to plan to eat and to eat. Lucky me. Bring it on. In fact, if I sleep longer than that, I get hit with headaches and am tired the whole day. It's true. I'm an eater.

people eating photo: Apple Eating Girl BrunetteEatingApple-1.jpgpeople eating photo: Cereal healthy_eating_01.jpg

So, here's the test ARE YOU AN EATER OR A SLEEPER?

Do you get up early enough to have a good breakfast? IF NOT then you're an Eater too.

And for giggles-tell me what you are, an eater or sleeper.

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