Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Giveaways and Adrenaline Rush

Today, Sat. Dec. 21st, is the last day of my Adrenaline Rush blog tour.

That's both happy and sad.  

I wanted to make sure you all got to learn about Adrenaline Rush and had the 
chance to win some of my other books.

Each blog is hosting an overall giveaway and several are offering their own on top of the main one.
Go Enter. (Just click on the links below) 
Your chances of winning are really good.

And, if you send me an email ( with the last 3 words on all the Adrenaline Rush Reviews on the list below, I will send you every one of my books as eBooks for your persistence. Merry Christmas!

December 16th
December 21st

How important are reviews to you? 
Do you read them before you buy? 
How many do you normally read?

1 comment:

Lindzee said...

I totally read reviews before buying a book, even if it's free. I usually read a few of the good ones and a few of the bad ones, and scan for turn-off words when it comes to romance that let me know its steamier than I want. :)