Indiependence Day

Independence Day. The day our country our gained its freedom. Take it from someone who travels extensively-America is Amazing.

One day at lunch, some teachers were talking about the Pledge of Allegiance and how once a week, with announcements, everyone recited the Pledge. The other four days at school, the teacher of each class had to remember to have his/her class say the Pledge.

This teacher made the statement that she always forgets and added that she wondered what it really meant to pledge allegiance to the flag. She was flippant and defiant, like it was a dirty thing. No one said anything, but I should have.

I should have said, it means loyalty to this country. Loyalty to a system of government that is not perfect, but is run by the people. Loyalty to freedom.

Not only loyalty, but it also brings to mind the sacrifices of those who came before us to create this unparalleled land we live in. And yes, God Bless America-May the flag forever wave-offering freedom  and peace to those within its borders.

If you don't feel this way about America, go live in another country for a month, you will kiss the ground when you return. There is a feeling in America that can't be matched. (I do love to travel, though)

 On to the real reason for this post-indie authors.

Cindy Anderson is brand spanking new. In fact her first book is scheduled to come out this month.

FAIR CATCH is a clean romance with a lot of laughter. 

Check out the photo she's using for her cover

I will update this post tomorrow with Cindy's bio and a blurb about the book. If you like clean romance-and really, who doesn't? You're going to love this book.

Get it out there already, Cindy!

What do you think of the cover pic?
What's your favorite genre?