The Perfect Setting for Murder

When you think of sleepy old towns, what comes to mind?

For me, I think of murder. Maybe my mind is warped or maybe I've watched too much Matlock and Twilight Zone, but one thing's for sure, if you want a perfect setting for murder, you don't have to look any farther than a small town.

I picked Halls, Tennessee as the setting for Gravediggers for lots of reasons, but one was because it has been able to retain a small town feel. From the drugstore to the city park, it has a feel of a town time forgot.
 The charm of Main Street lives on and the flashing stoplight speaks for itself. Enjoy a few pics.
You'll find all kinds of southern hospitality in this store

When you want to see the goods in these stores, just call the number posted on the door
It almost feels like a old western set, but it's deep in the south
Fixing up one store front to its former luster.

What setting would you like to see for a murder?
Have you read any good mysteries lately?