32K and Holding

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We are on day 17 of Nano and I'm at 32,000 words right now and aching to write some more... You see, I got stuck on Wednesday when I started signing at Costcos again. I haven't written a word since

.....and I love the story I'm writing.

It's told from a 17 year-old boy's perspective and I'm loving it. The scene is a small town in Tennessee-did you know I used to live in Tennessee? HOT, MUGGY summers and bone-chilling cold in the winters.

When I say I'm aching to write some more, what I really mean is that I wish I was writing more because I haven't even really tried to get back on the bandwagon.

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However, Monday is truly the day of vengeance. I'm at Ogden Costco and I have to be there a bit before 11:00. I'm going to pump out 2K before I go and another 2K get home. Three days is long enough to get used to a new schedule, right?

I'll be working on the next step of discovering who killed my main character's father in a hit and run.

So excited. 

Cheer me on, everybody.

What do you do when you've lost motivation to do something you really love?