Semi-Finalists in Cover Model Contest Announced

This contest is closed as of 7:30 MST. Results will be posted as soon as an accurate account can be made. Thank you for participating and good luck to all the semi-finalists!

Finalists will be notified by email as well as show up on a post this Tues 5/15. 

Here are the semi-finalists in my cover contest.
The top 10 voted for pictures from the 20 below, will move on to the finalist round.
Vote for your favorite person. The winner will be featured on the final book, Created.
Here are the pictures from the first two books in the Watched series. 
And the semi-finalists are: (I tried to do them alphabetically by first name, but blogger wasn't cooperating on a few.)
Pick your favorite and leave the name and number in the comment section of this blog.
No Anonymous votes will be counted. Sorry!

Only one vote per person, please. See officials rules under the tab official rules on this site. The voting ends on May 13th at 7:15 pm MST

#1 Abby Smith

#2 Alyssa Marabella
#3 Annalissa Balboa
#4 Stacie Witbeck

#10 Jenna Beeton
#11 Jensyn Beardall
#7 Hayley Parkinson 
#5 Gabrielle Hutchison

#6 Ghenia Jessica Miller

#8 Ivery Parkinson

#9 Jade Elizabeth Dansie

#12 Kaysi Evans

#13 Kimberly Hurst Goodrich

#14 Maraya Mills

#15 Mindy Trump Green

#16 Sarah Kate Larsen
#17 Shelby Griffiths

#18 Taran Sue Sowder
#19 Tiffany Ann
#20 Zoey Pesseto

There was a glitch in the program I used to do the poll! So sorry. The company could not fix it. So, to make sure it is all legit, I will not use a poll. Instead, you need to vote in the comment section of this blog. Please enter the # and name of the person you would like to vote for. No anonymous votes, sorry. 
Please be considerate to all the entrants and be kind with your comments.