What Makes You Happy?

I've had a ton of things happen lately that make me happy. I thought I'd share.

The first is that all the skin cancer on my forehead is gone. Yahoo. On top of that, my hubby uploaded the pics he took on his iPod to our computer so that I can do a post about it. Are you wearing sunscreen?
Can you guess where it was?
Before surgery pic.

Next, was the movie release of The Hunger Games. I so wanted it to be spectacular and it was. I love it when movie producers stick with the story as closely as possible. I did not, however, like the headache the cinematography gave me.

Also, I am stoked for the movie, The Host. I'm hoping it is as well done, without the shaky camera, as The Hunger Games.

Of course, Protected was released. So freaking amazing.

Finally, the weather has been so amazingly unpredictable. I love that. Here is a pic of a quick blizzard we had last week. Loved it.

Well, now that I uploaded it, it doesn't seem so spectacular...the snow disappeared. Oh well, cool pic anyway.

What things have made you happy the past week?

p.s. YA scavenger hunt starts tomorrow and come see me at the Bountiful,Utah Costco 11-6 Thurs-Sat.